It is 24-hour students work on the SpaceHack during the summer semester, where they will have to work on a solution, in groups, in-person, hybrid or online, with the support of the lecturers and mentors coming from the collaborating institutions and companies involved in UNIVERSEH.

To respond to the social and economic needs of society and societal challenges, Higher education institutions must adapt and improve their trainings and curricula, as youth employment is a major concern. The EU has identified fostering of youth entrepreneurship as a tool to combat youth unemployment and social exclusion as well as stimulating innovation among young people.

UNIVERSEH has the ambition to become an entrepreneurial and innovative European university and promote entrepreneurship through education and business start-up support.

UNIVERSEH trains students from having innovative and creative minds, entrepreneurial skills, and knowledge to the creation of their own businesses. Current courses, programs and initiatives and lessons learned to design and from external stakeholders set the base for a high-quality entrepreneurial curriculum. This shared, newly developed common curriculum will provide all students with multiple formal and informal learning opportunities and experiences to develop their innovative and entrepreneurial mind-sets and business skills, with an optional specialisation in the space field.

Further and following the recommendations of the New Skills Agenda for Europe, promoting work-based learning such as apprenticeships and internships needs to be a priority for higher education institutions. The newly installed mentoring program is a key feature of UNIVERSEH to facilitate student employment and prompt employers to integrate young graduates in Space and New Space economic activities.

The mentoring program TOP5 UNIVERSEH, designed for the best students of the UNIVERSEH consortium universities, is planned to start on the academic year 2022/2023.

This cyclical program is being organized by the European University UNIVERSEH alliance who will be represented by their best ‘TOP’ students. The aim of the program is to connect the most enterprising UNIVERSEH students with acknowledged entrepreneurs who have achieved success in the Space Tech Industry on the international arena. The program aims to prepare a handful of individuals (2-3 students per university), with one-to-one mentor-mentee meetings, and a several-day visit of the student to the mentor's country and company. Mentor-mentee pairs will be matched based on mentee’s application and description of cooperation opportunities prepared by mentors.

Star trek? No Startech!

Challenge yourself, apply and become part of an interdisciplinary team that goes through the intensive Startech program. Startech is an intensive one-week experience where 20 selected students from all UNIVERSEH partners work in multidisciplinary teams. During the week, teams are coached by researchers, business coaches and experts to ideate, develop and finally pitch their business idea in front of a jury.

Startech 22 is performed on-site in the Space campus Kiruna above the polar circle in Sweden Oct 9-15, 2022.