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    Introduction to Startech 22
    Introduction to the Startech by Peter Törlind

    Introduction to Earth Observation (CSIRO 2019)

    Start with Why
    In the beginning, it's essential to find the right problem to solve. And you have to understand why people would want it. 

    Why is the most critical part of product development it has to come first!

    Tony Fadell, Build (2022)

    Finding a relevant problem

    Creating a mission statement
    • Create a mission goal to aim us in the right direction.
    • Identify a solution space that is wide enough for innovation and still narrow enough to work with
    • The focus here is "what" the product should do, not "how" it should do it.



    Important to understand for whom you are creating value. What are the most important customer? 

    Do you have different stakeholders that are paying for the service and others that are using the service?

    Try to understand the Pains of your customer (something that prevents your customer from getting their job done. Pains can take the form of undesired costs or situations, negative emotions or unwanted risks).

    If you have several customers do you need to differentiate the Value Proposition?

    Try to understand how many users/customers you will have


    “Prototypes provide the means for examining design problems and evaluating solutions. Selecting the focus of a prototype is the art of identifying the most important open design questions.”

    Houde and Hill – What do Prototypes Prototype

    MVP (Minimum Viable Product) It’s the bare minimum version of your product that solves the problem for your customers. And is something you can use to demonstrate your product in the early phases.

    Identify three critical functions for your product and consider how you can show that your product fulfils the critical functions. Also, consider how you can present these functions in the final pitch. They will be the core of your MVP.



    • Look at your Value proposition, does it make sense?
    • What are the most disturbing uncertainties?
    • How can we mitigate the uncertanties? 
      • Who do we need to speak to?
      • Can we find the info in statistics, research papers or elsewhere?
    • Can we contact some users to get feedback?
    Business models

    So what kind of business model do you have? Where is the innovation? What type of innovation do you have?



    You are very early - estimate different types of costs and relations.

    • What are the most important cost and in the business model?
    • What ey resources and activities are most expensive?
    • Fixed cost, variable cost
    • Scalability

    • For what are customers willing to pay?
    • For what are they currently paying?
    • How wold they prefer to pay?
    Elevator pitch 

    A pitch deck example from Canva