The competition is open for all students at all UNIVERSEH partners BsC, MsC and PhD programs.

    Accommodation in Kiruna will be in shared rooms at a hostel and includes breakfast.

    To apply for UNIVERSEH Startech, please prepare the following documents, which should be sent to the local contact persons below.

    Important: all universities will sponsor the Startech event according to local policies (normally the trip to Kiruna and accommodation is free for students).

    Short CV (1p)

    Including name, age, nationality, address and program and year that you study at LTU

    Personal letter (1p)

    Why are you interested in attending this program?

    • How is this program related to your main area of expertise, or how does it complement it?
    • What are the topics you are most interested in through this program?
    • If any, please detail your previous experience with similar programs

    Application video (2 min)

    Applicants should append or link to a short video (2 minutes) that focuses on their competencies and understanding of the UNIVERSEH Stratech program they apply to.

    Applicants are suggested to respect the following scheme: 

    • Presentation of yourself 
    • Presentation of the work performed during your studies and other relevant professional projects.
    • How your competencies could be valuable for developing earth observation data applications.
    • How will the UNIVERSEH Stratech program help address your needs and achieve your goals? 

    This video will be available strictly only to the jury for application selection.

    Selection criteria

    Successful applicants will: 

    • Be students from one of the partners' Universities
    • Bring relevant competencies and experiences to the team
    • Show capacity for openness and curiosity contributing to the training program 
    • Be able to put the training program in perspective with their future career 

    The following criteria will be evaluated by the selection committee: 

    • Applicant’s profile (30%) 
    • Competence and experience (40%)
    • Motivation (30%)

    Local contact point

    The local contact points for the applications shall be sent to: