Solar Storm

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Media: File:Storms From the Sun (6819077978).jpg - Wikimedia Commons . (2005, April 24).

Media: File:Storms From the Sun (6819077978).jpg - Wikimedia Commons . (2005, April 24).

Short Definition:

A solar storm is a magnetic eruption happening on a star, causing a large burst of particles at very high speeds. This event is usually associated with visible arches on the sun.

Detailed Definition:

A solar storm is a phenomenon which is caused by a magnetic eruption on the Sun, which in hand happens due to increasing velocity of charged particles in the Sun's magnetic field. Such eruption, called a solar flare, shoots out mostly protons, which achieve speeds close to the speed of light. Such protons, while reaching the Earth's magnetosphere, they get guided towards both poles and lose their speeds. The occurrence of solar storm, has some negative effects on the earth, but most of the bursts, are light enough to be neutralized by the magnetosphere. The protons that manage to reach earth, usually disturb radio communications or other services and technologies which utilize waves.


solar from Latin "solaris" or "sol" meaning "the sun". Storm from Middle/Old English "storm" meaning "a disturbed state of the atmosphere, especially as affecting the earth's surface".

Sample Sentence(s)

- The Solar storm is depending on the solar cycle, which lasts around 11 years.

- The solar storm disturbed the TV, I couldn't finish watching the game!


French - tempête solaire

German - Sonnensturm

Italian - tempesta solare

Polish - Burza słoneczna

Swedish - solstorm

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