Dark Nebula

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Short Definition

A dark nebula, also known as an absorption nebula, is a form of interstellar cloud. It is so thick that it obscures visible wavelengths of light from things behind it, such as reflection nebulae or background stars and emission. Interstellar dust grains in molecular clouds' coldest, densest portions produce light extinction.

Detailed Definition

Sometimes the light from the background stars or reflection nebulas can be obscured by an interstellar cloud composed of gas, plasma and galaxy dust, creating irregular shapes without defined boundaries. This results in the formation of a black nebula or absorption nebula. The naked eye has seen large dark nebulas, often seen as shadows falling from the sky.

The development of stars and meteors is crucial in the black nebula. Because of the difference in density, it is impossible to form stars during condensation. Enormous molecular clouds often surround the black nebulas, while the small ones can be called Bok globulos. Half of the world's famous Bang globules have been discovered to contain new stars.


mid-15c., nebule "a cloud, mist," from Latin nebula, plural nebulae, "mist, vapor, fog, smoke, exhalation," figuratively "darkness, obscurity," from PIE root *nebh- "cloud."

Sample Sentence(s)

1.    Later, when I looked to my left, there was a black nebula. It had initially been an implacable cloud.

2.    In general, the detections best suited the concept of a collision between a star and an interstellar nebula.

3.    We've seen enough evidence to believe our solar system began with a cold black nebula spinning in slow motion.

Translations of Terms/Concepts into Partner Languages

French:nébuleuse sombre

German: dunkler Nebel

Italian: nebulosa oscura

Polish: ciemna mgławica

Swedish: mörk nebulosa

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