Additive manufacturing

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Short Definition
Additive manufacturing is a process of creating an object by building it one layer at a time. Additive manufacturing is commonly referred to as 3-D printing.

Detailed Definition
Additive manufacturing of an object starts with the creation of its design. This is typically done with the use of computer software or by scanning a sample of the object. Software then translates the design into a set of commands for the manufacturing device to follow. These are sent to the appliance, which begins creating the object immediately. The materials commonly used for additive manufacturing are polymers, metals, ceramics, foams, and biomaterials. This construction method allows for the creation of complex designs and reduces the production expenses, making it a promising field of research for the aerospace industry. In addition to the simplified production of launchers, additive manufacturing is suitable for use on a space station. Manufacturing process can be held in conditions of microgravity and operated safely by the crew. Ability to create a broad spectrum of objects in a confined environment will reduce the required amount of supplies, as raw materials take up less volume.

Additive: from Latin addit- “added”
Manufacturing: from Latin manu factum“made by hand”

Sample Sentence(s)

Extensive use of additive manufacturing in aerospace industry will result in more frequent launches, as this technology greatly shortens the expenses.

The most common and well-known example of additive manufacturing is 3-D printing models from melted plastic.

Translations of Terms/Concepts into Partner Languages

la fabrication additive

die additive Fertigung

la produzione di additivi

wytwarzanie przyrostowe, drukowanie 3D

additiv tillverkning

Additional Translations of Terms/Concepts into Other Languages


аддитивное производство

адитивне виробництво

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