Meteor Crater (Barringer Crater)

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Short Definition
Meteor Crater, also known under the name Barringer Meteor Crater, is the first crater known to be caused by the impact of a meteorite. The crater caused 50,000 years ago was long thought to be volcanic until it was proven in 1961 that it was caused by the impact of an asteroid hitting earth.

Detailed Definition
The Meteor Crater is a crater caused by a meteorite impact 50000 years ago in the desert of norther Arizona, United States. This said impact caused a crater which is about 170 m deep and has a diameter of 1,200 m, surrounded by a rim that rises 45 m above the surrounding environment. The size of the asteroid causing the crater is said to have been 30 to 50 m long and scientist are not sure about the speed before the impact, but it is said to have been around 20kms. 

Found pieces of the asteroid are known under the Canyon Diablo Meteorite and can be seen among other things at the museum nearby. To this day, it is the best-preserved crater caused by impact to be found. Because of that, scientist have done much research inside and astronauts have been trained there. Today it is part of a museum and can be visited.

The Barringer Crater has been named after Daniel M. Barringer, the first person to suggest the crater was caused by meteorite impact.
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Sample Sentence(s):
"Nestled on its north rim, Meteor Crater Visitor Center is one of the most popular attractions in Northern Arizona."

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Spanish: Cráter Barringer

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