International Asteroid Warning Network

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Short Definition
International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) is a group linking organizations responsible for detecting, monitoring and characterization of possibly hazardous Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). They cooperate with Governments to establish plans in case of Meteorite impact.

Detailed Definition

There are multiple functions of IAWN, but mostly it is tasked with creating a strategy using protocols and communication plans to help Governments create a suitable response in case of NEO impact. Some of the other functions of IAWN are as followed:

- With help of optical and radar facilities to detect, characterize and follow possibly hazardous objects.
- To act as an international focal point for accurate information about NEOs and its population.
- To correlate campaigns that are focusing on monitoring potential Near-Earth Objects.
- To create suitable responses and policies regarding communication and information in case of impact. They are also responsible for creating a database of potential consequences once the impact occurs.


IAWN stands for International Asteroid Warning Network.

Sample Sentence(s):

IAWN includes members from all over the world that are creating a response in case of meteorite impact.

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French: International Asteroid Warning Network

International Asteroid Warning Network

International Asteroid Warning Network

Międzynarodowa Sieć Ostrzegania przed Asteroidami

International Asteroid Warning Network

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