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Short Definition:

An apogee is a point in an elliptical orbit, which is considered to be the farthest point from Earth.

Detailed Definition:

There are two sides in any elliptical orbit, with the names referring to the primary body in the orbit. The closest and farthest points are referred to by, respectively, the prefixes peri- and apo-. The suffix is determined by the primary body, which in the case of Earth is -gee. Therefore, an apogee is the term describing the farthest point on the elliptical orbit of Earth. A satellite is at its slowest when travelling through the apogee.


"apogee" - French apogée, Latin apogaeum, Greek apogaion - point at which the Moon is farthest from the Earth

"apo-" - Greek apo, Avestan apa, Latin ab - off, away, away from

"Gaia" / "ge" - Greek Gaia / gaia - a titan, personification of Earth

Sample Sentence(s):

A satellite that travel around a celestial body is at its slowest whenever the satellite is at its apogee.

Translations of Terms/Concepts into Partner Languages

French: Apogée

German: Höhepunkt

Polish: apogeum

Swedish: Höjdpunkt

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