Planet Mars

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Planet Mars


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Mars is the 4th planet in the Solar System, one of the closest neighbours of Earth. It is a red-coloured dot on our sky, with a diameter 2 times smaller than the Earth’s. Around it, there are orbiting two moons, Phobos and Deimos. 

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Mars’s surface colour comes from the rusty iron in the ground. It is considered as the future home of humanity, thus we explore it with rovers and plan space missions to send humans there. However, the conditions on the planet’s surface are quite hostile. It's further from the Sun than Earth, so the temperature is much lower, as it’s about -65 Celsius. Its atmosphere is mostly made of carbon dioxide (about 96%) with minor amounts of gases as argon and nitrogen. There is no life on Mars, however scientists claim that under its polar ice caps and in the deep surface are signs of still present water. 


from Latin Mārs (“god of war”), from older Latin (older than 75 BCE) Māvors

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The Opportunity rover has been exploring the surface of Mars for 15 years.

Mars’s year is almost 2 times longer than Earth's.

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