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Short Definition:

A telescope is a device used by astronomers to observe distant planets and stars. It gathers light from the night sky by using pieces of curved mirrors. What we see while using it, is a focus of this light. 

Detailed Definition:

There are many sizes and purposes of the telescope. The small, portable ones are quite cheap, available, and can be used by everyone, starting from a kid to a grown up, however they aren’t very powerful, as you can see with them only some parts of our Solar System. Next group is the one with these huge telescopes, usually used by some companies associated with space. They take beautiful and detailed photos of the surrounding us stars and help in mathematical calculations of scientists that discover new solar systems and galaxies. The last group are space telescopes, the most expensive ones. They not only need to be built with special materials, able to survive in harsh conditions but also have to be taken to space, where they take amazing images of the things we can’t really see from Earth. One of the most famous telescopes, the Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 and since then it takes spectacular photos, like the one of the hearth of Eagle Nebula, so called Pillars of Creation.


from Italian telescopio or modern Latin telescopium, from tele- ‘at a distance’ + -scopium

Sample Sentence(s):

We got our friend telescope for a birthday present.

One of the most expensive telescopes, the James Webb Telescope, launched nearly one year ago.

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