Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS)

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Short Definition: 

Ssrms is a manipulator system equipped with two long arms, seven attachment points, and various precision robotic equipment is also known as 'Canadarm2', it is a second-generation robotic arm system in the Mobile Servicing System of the International Space Station, whose main purpose is to take part in high-tonnage/cosmic catching missions. It is the most efficient heavy-duty robotic system (Up to 116 tons) left on the ISS after the Canadarm1 was retired in July 2011.

Detailed Definition:

It is a space manipulator attached to the international space station.As an improved version of the Canadarm 1, the Canadarm 2 is aimed at enhancing; size, load-carrying capacity, arm reach, durability, and increased mobility. It is a robotic system that assists astronauts with payload handling, approach and docking of space shuttles, making Cosmic catches, and maintenance of the station. The robotic arm, which can be managed by the astronauts on the ISS and the NASA and CSA centers on the world, is also adorned with advanced imaging-light systems. It is also used as an anchor point by attaching it to other robotic equipment itself.

Sample Sentence(s): 

''Canadarm2 is made up of parts that can be replaced while in space.''

''Canadarm 2 will also help to berth the Axiom Space Station modules to the ISS.''



Système de manipulateur à distance de la station spatiale


Sistema di manipolazione remota della stazione spaziale


System zdalnie sterowanego manipulatora stacji kosmicznej


Uzay İstasyonu Uzaktan Manipülatör Sistemi


Fernmanipulatorsystem der Raumstation

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