Lenticular Galaxy

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Short Definition:

A lenticular galaxy is a type of galaxy which contains a large-scale disc but does not have large-scale spiral arms.

Detailed Definition:

Galaxies can be divided into various types - spiral, elliptical, lenticular and irregular. A lenticular galaxy exhibits characteristics of both an elliptical and a spiral galaxy. It is determined by a central bulge and disks (as in the case of an ellipcital galaxy) combined with the absence of arms, which can be found in spiral galaxies just as the Milky Way. The name refers to the shape of the galaxy, which is very similar to a lens.


lenticular (lĕn-tĭk′yə-lər) - Latin lenticularis - having the shape of a double-convex lens

Sample Sentence(s):

"Lenticular galaxies tend to be old galaxies that have used up most of their gas and dust and are just living the twilight years."

Translations of Terms/Concepts into Partner Languages

French: Galaxie lenticulaire

German: Linsenförmige Galaxie

Polish:  Galaktyka soczewkowata

Swedish:  Linsformad galax

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