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Image/Video/Audio Source: Author: Kamila Kopacz

Image/Video/Audio Source: Author: Kamila Kopacz

Short Definition:

A Rover is a type of vehicle, operated autonomously or remotely, that is created for planet and moon exploration purposes. The most popular type of rover has 4–6 wheels, a frame and robotic arm with 2–6 degrees of freedom.

Detailed Definition:

A planetary rover is designed to explore an astronomical body (other than Earth). It is a device that was born out of human creativity and curiosity of the surrounding us world. As for now, humanity is limited by the technology we produce, we have only been able to send the rovers to the Moon and Mars. Because there is a limited distance you can remotely control a device, all the currently working in the space rovers are autonomous vehicles. It means they are programmed to explore the surface and collect soil samples for further analysis. The most recognizable rovers are the ones sent to Mars: Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity and Perseverance.


rover - /ˈrəʊvə/, Middle English: from Middle Low German, Middle Dutch rōver, from rōven ‘rob’; related to reave.

Sample Sentence(s):

In 2020 NASA sent another rover, Perseverance, on Mars. Its purpose is the exploration of Jezero crater. 

The winner of European Rover Challenge 2022 was Kalman rover from AGH Space Systems.

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