European Space Agency

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European Space Agency is an intergovernmental organisation, whose mission is to develop space capabilities through exploration for the benefit of citizens of Europe and the whole world.

European Space Agency was established in 1975 and  is dedicated to the peaceful exploration of space. It comprises of 22 Member States, who work together to find out more about the Earth and space, but it also cooperates closely with other organisations outside of Europe, for example with NASA. The aim is to develop research, coordinate space programmes and to promote mutual agreements between the members. It is funded by membership donations calculated based on each country’s gross national product.

Sample Sentence(s):

"The European Space Agency is using a launching facility situated in French Guiana in Latin America."

"The Eurobot Ground Prototype is a mobile reconnaissance robot from the European Space Agency (ESA)."

  • French: Agence spatiale européenne
  • German: Europäische Weltraumorganisation
  • Polish: Europejska Agencja Kosmiczna
  • Swedish: Europeiska rymdorganisationen 

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