Canadian Space Agency

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Canadian Space Agency is a national space agency of Canada, whose aim is to coordinate spaceflight activities. It is responsible for space exploration (focusing on physical processes in stars), as well as Earth observation and monitoring its resources.

Canadian Space Agency was established in 1989  and works on space science and exploration, satellite communications, and it also provides space awareness and promotes the activities of the organisation. International cooperation with other space agencies is also part of the CSA’s mission. The headquarters are located in Longueuil, Canada.

Sample Sentence(s):

"The Canadian Space Agency is now developing a next generation of satellites."

"The Canadian Space Agency is a founding member of the Charter."


  • French: Agence spatiale canadienne
  • German: Kanadische Weltraumorganisation
  • Polish: Kandyjska Agencja Kosmiczna
  • Swedish: kanadensiska rymdorganisationen

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