James Webb Space Telescope

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Short Definition:

The James Webb Space Telescope is a large telescope in space that conducts infrared astronomy. The cutting edge telescope technology aims to shine light on stars or galaxies, that were previously hidden in “plain” sight. Many people think this is the successor to the Hubble telescope, but in reality, it is more of a successor for the Spitzer space telescope, which also is an infrared telescope. The property of light to shift to red makes this a helpful telescope to look at the oldest galaxies.

Detailed Definition:

The James Webb Space Telescope is a visualizing device for away structures or phenomenons that work in the infrared range. The biggest telescope in space had to overcome many difficulties to even be transported to space. The telescope had to be folded to even fit in the rocket, and so they used Origami techniques to transport it safely to its place. JWST is not an all-rounder telescope like Hubble is. JWST aims to discover secrets from almost the beginning of time with the most sophisticated infrared sensors, cameras and lenses that were used till now, but looking at the oldest stars and galaxies is not its only job. JWST will also be used to identify fitting exoplanets by scanning the atmospheres of those planets for the right gas composition.


Latin- spatiumà Old French -espaceà Middle English – space

Modern latintele and modern latin -scopiumà Modern latin – Telescopiumà English telescope

Sample Sentence(s):

Webb will be the largest telescope ever placed in space; 100 times more powerful than Hubble. So big it has to fold origami-style to fit in the rocket and will unfold like a "Transformer" in space (NASA)

 NGC 346, one of the most dynamic star-forming regions in nearby galaxies, is full of mystery. Now, it is less mysterious with new findings from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. (NASA)


télescope spatial james webb


James Webb Weltraumteleskop


Kosmiczny Teleskop Jamesa Webba


James Webb rymdteleskop

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