Galaxy Evolution

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Galaxy evolution or evolution of galaxy is a term that we have used for understanding the formation process and changes of galaxies since the beginning that made up the known universe. The term galaxy evolution also represents the models we form about the universe filled by the observed photons and the expansion since the big bang. At this point, the sizes, shapes and contents of all galaxies give us an idea about the formation and evolution of the universe.

Detailed Definition:

Galaxy evolution is a term used to understand the structure of the universe and the ongoing formation processes by comparing the morphology, brightness and content of galaxies with each other. The term galaxy evolution here studies galaxies in four main groups. These are Elliptical Galaxies, Lenticular Galaxies, Spiral Galaxies, and Irregular galaxies. The evolution process of galaxies in these four groups is examined under three main headings. These are Passive evolution (The state where the galaxy does not interact with any other galaxy [interactions or mergers] and thus does not produce star formations.), Interactions and Mergers (The state in which galaxies are affected by interacting with other galaxies), Secular Evolution (Situation in which processes by internal changes of galaxies affect their colour, luminosity and shape.)


From Latin ‘Galaxias’ and From Latin ‘ēvolūtiōnis’ (Unrolling/Unfolding)

Sample Sentence(s):

Radio telescopes have played a pivotal role in the understanding of galactic evolution.’’

(Galaxy Evolution, Cosmology and Dark Energy. (2018, May 30). Public Website.

‘’Understanding how black holes shape their host galaxies is part of the study of galactic structure and evolution.’’

(Galaxy Formation and Evolution | Center for Astrophysics. (n.d.).

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Évolution de la galaxie




Ewolucja galaktyki


Utveckling av galaxer


Galaksi Evrimi

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