Galaxy Merger

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Short Definition:

A galaxy merger is the phenomenon of two or more galaxies colliding with each other, resulting in the formation of a new, enlarged galaxy.

Detailed Definition:

A galaxy merger occurs when two or more galaxies collide with each other, leading to the creation of a larger galaxy. Galaxy mergers are the most violent type of galaxy interaction. When a collision of several galaxies occurs, the stars and dark matter in each of them become affected, which has influence on both the orbits of the stars and the shape of the newly formed galaxy. 

During a merger, an increase in star formation can be observed, as the friction interaction of gas and dust contributes to the raise of energy in the resulting system. Galaxy mergers provide astronomers with the merger rate, which is a fundamental measurement of galaxy evolution and sheds some light on how galaxies have increased in size over time.


merge - Latin mergere"to dip, dip in, immerse, plunge"

galaxy - Late Latin galaxias - Greek galaxías

Sample Sentence(s):

Galaxy mergers can be simulated in computers, to learn more about galaxy formation.

Translations of Terms/Concepts into Partner Languages

French: Fusion de galaxies

German: Galaxienfusion

Polish: Fuzja galaktyk, połączenie się galaktyk

Swedish: Galaxsammanslagning

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